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What is auto-gration?

The auto-gration project is a European Commission initiative, supported by major organisations of automotive industry, that aims to improve the integration of automotive companies, particularly SMEs, in the sector’s digital supply chains. To this end the project is developing a Collaborative Reference Architecture (CAR) that will allow the exchange eBusiness messages using existing but incompatible systems. auto-gration will then promote this solution to the industry’s key stakeholders in order to jump-start its adoption across the entire automotive sector.


Why is auto-gration needed?

Companies involved in eBusiness transactions across the automotive supply chain, be they a user, a software developer, or other, use/develop management software that supports a certain exchange protocol: EDIFACT, VDA, EANCOM, etc. The problem that they constantly face is that there is no simple way to allow one system to exchange eBusiness messages with others that support different protocols. The auto-gration project is a European Commission initiative, supported by leading automotive organisations, that aims to develop a solution to improve eBusiness integration.


Who is involved?

The European Commission is the main sponsor of the project, that was developed and is currently being executed by a consortium of five main organisations, plus seven sub-contractors:

  • Main Consortium: Odette International, BOOST, CECRA, CLEPA, Inova+
  • Sub-Contractors: COVISINT, FIGIEFA, GALIA, INESC Porto, Odette Sweden, SupplyOn, and TecCom


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