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After the successful conclusion of the first phase of the auto-gration project, which was supported and financed by the European Commission, the automotive associations Odette, CLEPA and FIGIEFA have taken on the responsibility for further development and maintenance of the auto-gration architecture. In a first meeting of the newly created auto-gration Joint Working Group the on-going actions have been discussed and scheduled. We have already organised another well received workshop at GALIA in Paris to discuss with ERP vendors and B2B service providers how the implementation and use of auto-gration in the French automotive industry can be extended and promoted.

In a close collaboration with CETIM - the Technical Centre for the Mechanical Industry in France, Odette has developed a new message to transmit material certificate information. This type of information is vital for quality assurance in the automotive industry and will extend the reach of the auto-gration infrastructure beyond the logistics and commercial areas that were focused on in the first phase.

Another very encouraging signal has come from the German automotive association the VDA: their Steering Committee for Communication and Information Technology (counterpart of the Odette TC, has decided to publish a recommendation to replace the traditional delivery forecast and instruction message (VDA 4905) by the German profile of the Global DELFOR EDIFACT message and, as an alternative specifically for SMEs, by the auto-gration DeliveryInstruction message.

At the request of our colleagues in the Czech Republic, the most recent release of the auto-gration messages (2012A ) includes a delivery instruction that caters for production synchronous supply processes.

This new release is available at:

We will bring you regular updates on the roll-out of the auto-gration architecture over the coming months. In the meantime, the National Organisations that are a key part of Odette will be carrying out their local promotions and offering support to companies, with the aid of the Odette Central Office.

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