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MIDEST 2011 – Strategic Conference

auto-gration Partner, CEGID, will host a conference at MIDEST 2011, the No1 show in the world exclusively dedicated to industrial subcontracting, under the title: ‘The digital supply chain: one of the challenges for French automotive subcontracting’. During the conference, which will take place on Wednesday, November 16, auto-gration will be presented by Bernard Dubois, Boost Conseil.

The automotive sector is a key sector in Europe which employs more than 2 million people. Even if  manufacturers such as Renault and PSA, and their T1 suppliers such as Valeo or Faurecia, are well known, the automobile sector also includes a large number of small companies distributed throughout Europe, assuring an essential dynamic for our economy.


The automotive industry has been severely impacted by the financial crisis which has caused a large fall in production in Europe. The continued existence of the French subcontractors is put in peril while labour costs are often much lower in some other countries

Consequently the automotive industry has to face important challenges today

And French automotive subcontractors survival is largely relying on the quality of the relations that they develop with their customers.

As such the efficient integration of SMEs in the international digital value chain value is key. Indeed, to build successful operational relations, collaborate or work together, it is first necessary to be equipped with the means to get in contact and to communicate. Communication which will often have to go through translations because the information systems of the various actors along the chain are not using the same language. Hence the importance of standardized messages to facilitate the exchanges, or even simply make them possible, without generating costs which SMEs cannot afford.

To learn more, you should participate in the conference:

"The digital supply chain: one of the challenges for French automotive subcontractors

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 from 14.00 to 14.45 in Conference Space 1


The conference, moderated by CXP journalist Dominique DUPUIS, will feature presentations from:

·         Franck CHEKKI - Manufacturing Industry Cegid

·         Nadine BUISSON CHAVOT - GALIA

·         André FERRARI - Tenor EDI Services

·         Bernard DUBOIS - Boost Conseil


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