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auto-gration - ensuring the future

CLEPA hosts first meeting of the newly formed auto-gration Joint Working Group.

auto-gration - ensuring the future

Signatories of the MoU

Having received such a positive response from industry companies, ERP vendors and IT providers alike, major industry associations, CLEPA, FIGIFA and Odette, have vowed to continue to maintain and develop the auto-gration solution into the future as an essential tool for improved B2B integration.

During the recent auto-gration Conference in Stuttgart, the three associations signed a Memorandum of Understanding to “establish a joint framework that will take responsibility for the promotion, maintenance and further development of the auto-gration Architecture and support its wide-scale adoption at all levels of the European automotive value chain.”

At a kick-off meeting at the CLEPA offices in Brussels on 26th April, representatives from the three organisations started work on a detailed plan of action to establish what will be known as the ‘auto-gration Joint Working Group (JWG)’. An expert sub-group is being set-up to maintain the auto-gration Connector and to develop new messages. All results from this group will be agreed by each partner in the JWG prior to publication, similar to the way that global automotive EDIFACT message standards are managed today within the Joint Automotive Industry Forum*.

The auto-gration messages will be reviewed and updated twice a year and will be made freely available on the auto-gration website. The auto-gration Connector remains available as an open-source implementation and further development is scheduled.


* Joint Automotive Industry Forum (JAIF) - organisation set up by AIAG, JAMA/JAPIA and Odette to develop common solutions for the global automotive supply chain


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