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French SMEs learn about auto-gration

‘Odette enables SMEs to become integrated in the Automotive Supply Chain’ was the theme developed by Bernard Dubois of BOOST Conseil during a web-seminar organized by GALIA on Friday, September 23.

Speaking to more than 70 participants, Mr. Dubois, leader of the auto-gration system development team, explained the auto-gration Architecture and the benefits it will bring for SMEs. Judging by the number of questions asked, the seminar, which was moderated by the GALIA management team, generated a great deal of interest amongst the audience. At the end of the presentation all participants were asked to consider joining the auto-gration Early Adopter Programme (EAP) in order to implement and validate the architecture during the current project phase.

Mr. Dubois’presentation is available to GALIA members on the GALIA website:

Further presentations of auto-gration are being organized in the French regions by local representatives of the Plateforme de la Filière Automobile (

GALIA is a French industry consortium created in 1984 by the automotive industry to define standards for e-business communications, engineering data exchange, and logistics management. A member of Odette International, GALIA provides a collaborative framework within which automotive OEMs, suppliers and solution providers can work together to improve vehicle development and production processes



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