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auto-gration in the Basque Country

On November 15th, the Basque Country Automotive Cluster (ACICAE) and ODETTE Spain hosted a seminar on logistic best practices, standards and associated technologies for the automotive industry.

Taking place in Bilbao, the seminar “Mejores práticas logísticas, normas y tecnologías asociadas en el sector de automoción” was part of a series of events promoted by ACICAE to improve the productivity of the automotive industry in the Basque Country and was well attended by over 60 representatives from key players in the local automotive industry.

In the first part of the session, industry representatives – Mercedes Benz, Gestamp, and Alcorta – presented their experience and needs concerning their supply chain, notably the need to include lower tier suppliers in the digital supply chain. The second part was dedicated to supply chain management tools and platforms. Gil Gonçalves (INOVA+) took the stage to explain how auto-gration can be used to integrate SMEs in the digital supply chain and improve the overall efficiency of the automotive industry.

Fernando Acebrón (General Manager of Odette Spain) presented national initiatives dealing with EDI in the automotive industry in Spain and highlighted that auto-gration is the ideal solution to leverage national initiatives and to fill the gaps where classical EDI is too expensive and WebEDI too inefficient.

Information about the seminar at the ACICAE website:

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