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A first French SME pilots auto-gration in the automotive supply chain

‘It is essential for us to use EDI with our customers but it is not possible: our MRP system does not support it and it would be too much expensive for us!’ Hervé Ripoche, CEO from Ripoche Industries declared in September before discovering the auto-gration solution.

A first French SME pilots auto-gration in the automotive supply chain

During the signature of the EAP agreement, André Ribeiro (Purchasing manager at Ripoche Industries), Hervé Ripoche (CEO Ripoche Industries), Daniel Hottin (CEO TX2 concept) - Photo Bernard Dubois, BOOST Conseil.

Situated in Châtenay, alongside the A10 motorway between Orléans and Paris, Ripoche Industries works 75% for the automotive industry as a tier 2 or 3 supplier but also works for other sectors including aeronautics, electronics, electrical appliance, furniture and tool making. With 55 employees, it has a 8 million euro turnover and is part of the HRP Group, (3 companies, 100 employees, 13 million euro turnover). The main customers of Ripoche Industries are Benteler, Hutchinson, Autoneum ( Rieter Automobile), Gestamp, Air France and Treca.

‘Auto-gration will allow us to start immediately from the receipt of firm and planned orders from our customers. Every week, we receive several hundreds of order lines by email or fax that we have to key into our MRP tool so it will represent a very important time-saving. And our objective is to go further by producing not only despatch advices and invoices but also movements of stock for our consignment stocks and exchanges with our subcontractors’

In a first step, auto-gration will be installed by the end of the year in a test mode to validate the exchanges between the MRP system (Produflex from CEGID) and two customers of Ripoche Industries. It will then be deployed to all the customers in a production mode. The partners of Ripoche Industries for this pilot project are CEGID,  for the integration of auto-gration messages in the Produflex software, TX2 Concept ( B2B Service Provider), for the exchange and the translation of the messages to and from the business partners and BOOST Consulting for the project coordination.

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