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IT service providers supporting the auto-gration Early Adopter Programme

Company Logo 

ABAS is a leading provider of cost-effective ERP solutions for midsize manufacturers and distributors. More than 2,300 customers have chosen ABAS as their IT specialist and work successfully with the internationally applicable abas Business Software.
abas ERP provides an included EDI function which automatically exchanges structured business documents between business partners. The companies are supported by abas ERP/Automotive in managing complex supply chain processes and coordinating all predetermined logistical processes between manufacturer and supplier.


Aimtec is a technology and consultancy company focused on implementation of the largest and most popular software products available on the global information technology market.
Aimtec is also the creator of its own software tools, which are conceived in the company development center. Aimtec solutions fully cover customer requirements and meet specific sectoral requirements in the given segment.


Cegid Group is an international provider of enterprise applications, with more than $370 million annual revenue and 2,000 employees worldwide.
Over 2000 companies are relying on Yourcegid Industry which proposes solutions adapted to the needs and size of companies in the automotive industry.


Commerce-Connections was formed as an independent B2B/EDI service provider in 1999 to address the increasing demand for B2B software and services. Our main office is in Woking, just outside London. In 2007 we have expanded into Hong Kong with a fully-owned subsidiary.
By being independent we have the freedom to develop bespoke solutions or cooperate with our clients' existing legacy systems in order to deliver the best available technology for our clients.


CONXPERT is an expert in the integration of companies and value-added chains, making sure that its clients' internal and external data streams flow unhindered.

In recent years the company has shifted its focus from pure software development to individual customer services. Besides establishing data integration, CONXPERT now also offers execution and supervision on its own servers.


eBusiness eXpert is a French-based company which operates in Europe. It is specialized in electronic data interchange (EDI) and B2B e-commerce. eBusiness eXpert has many years of experience in consulting, and providing customer service and solutions in this area. The company has over a hundred references in France and Europe. During its many years of existence, it has integrated communication standards from major industry players in many sectors including Automotive Industry, Transport, Retail and Insurance.


Edicom operates worldwide and has offices in Spain, France, Italy, USA, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. It is a leading international provider of EDI and eBusiness solutions, specialising in software development and data integration, supporting a wide range of communication protocols, such as OFTP1 / OFTP2, AS2, HTTPs, TCP/IP. Edicom also operates a global B2B network, EdicomNet, the first flat rate, low cost Value Added Network interconnected with other VANs. With a clear client-centered focus, the company has reached a key position as provider of communication services to well-known companies in the automotive industry and several other sectors.


First Business Post  is one of Germany's leading service providers offering data interchange between companies. It has developed a range of software products that capture data where it is created, using the printstream instead of classical peer-to-peer interfaces based on converters. Virtual paper can be created without investment, project costs or changes to the existing financial systems. Such a service makes EDI interesting and affordable even for small and medium suppliers. Additionally, its new product 'barcoded eMail' makes VAT compliant outgoing invoices easier for both sender and receiver. First Business Post is a member of the German e-invoice-alliance, also involved in the EU-projects PEPPOL and auto-gration, and partner of the European Automotive Industry.


Galion is the author, inventor, developer and integrator of a range of software products, known as Galion Automotive which supports the distribution chain and manufacturing processes of automotive component suppliers (Tier 1 and below) and covers production modes with manufacturing orders, repetitive schedules or orderless manufacturing.
Galion Solutions supports global customers across Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Czech and Slovak Republic, etc) and North Africa.


Indra is a global company of technology, innovation, and talent, leader in high value-added solutions and services for the Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Security and Defence, and Telecom and Media sectors. Indra operates in over 100 countries and has 30,000 employees worldwide who share their knowledge of different sectors and countries to find innovative solutions to the challenges that clients face.


INFODEV is a French software company which has been developing its own ERP software. This software is dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises and especially to automotive SMEs since 1991. Thus, INFODEV has been an early supporter of EDI in the automotive sector. Therefore, one of the main goals of the IT solution of INFODEV has always been to facilitate the communication at both sides of the supply chain: for suppliers with OEM or tier 1 suppliers and also for the same companies towards their suppliers. Automotive companies using the ERP system of INFODEV are located in Europe and also in Turkey.


Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping 70,000 customers in 164 countries improve operations and drive growth.
Infor Automotive is a comprehensive, modular, and integrated suite of solutions that focus on the business processes and business rules of automotive companies.


Intesa, founded in 1987, is fully owned by IBM Italia S.p.A. As an Integration Service Provider. Intesa manages the exchange of information between enterprises through its own EDI/B2B Platforms and has more than 8,000 companies linked to its Integration Hub exchanging ~200 million business transactions per year. Furthermore Intesa acts as a Trusted Third Party of business communities, controlling end-to-end operations between trading partners, managing security and data integrity, promoting rules of collaboration, and retaining documents and transactions between the parties.


SRCI  is a French B2B Service Provider managed by Gilles Brandel and created in 1986. SRCI is specialized in the dematerialization flows (Supply Chain, Business, Social, Administrative, Financial, etc.) for more than 4000 French administrations and companies.
SCRI is well implemented in the aerospace and electronic industry. SCRI has signed a cooperation agreement with auto-gration to join its EAP and to implement auto-gration Architecture in the automotive industry.


SupplyOn  is one of the world’s largest providers of web-based services for supply chain management in the automotive and manufacturing industry, particularly in the upstream area. SupplyOn technology is also used in other industries such as European aerospace industry.


Tangram TeleOffice GmbH (TTO) is a e-business integration company whose main focus is on the conception and implementation of
e-business platforms (EDI, B2B, EAI) and integrating business processes. TTO provides business process services for outsourcing and out-tasking business processes. The integration business covers all types process infrastructures for national and international corporations and companies across all types of industries.


TecCom is the manufacturer and operator of the leading Business2Business platform in the international automotive aftermarket. Its solutions allow organisations in the supply chain to exchange electronic data in a standard way, independent of existing IT structures.


TEC System Integration GmbH is specialized in consulting and in the development of configurable integration solutions for the complete order process in the automotive industry. It is the largest and independent consultant for the TecCom platform.

The support of ERP vendors and B2B marketplaces with integration products in the automotive sector is the key business of TEC-SI. Its products and solutions are being developed together with the industry and the traders and meet the stringent requirements of all market participants equally.
With the business process server (BPS) Edition “auto-gration”, TEC-SI offers a 100% “auto-gration” solution for both buyers and suppliers alike. TEC-SI offers also free modules for the "auto-gration" communication based on Microsoft technologies.


Tenor EDI Services is an independent software company, headquartered in France. With customers in more than 40 countries, TENOR is experiencing strong growth in many different industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, retail and logistics services and has a long experience of helping automotive SMEs to improve their logistics performance with solutions homologated by GALIA. TENOR EDI and the Web EDI eCar® services suite are offered in SAAS mode to customers.


TX2 Concept has been developing and distributing software, EDI services and Web-EDI platforms for over 15 years. Hundreds of companies are equipped with TX2 solutions, including many automotive companies across Europe. Most users are located in France, Spain and Portugal (400 France, 500 Spain and Portugal for the automotive industry). TX2 is also used in Germany, Belgium, Holland, England, Italy, Eastern Europe and South America.


WERBAS AG has more than 25 years experience in the automotive industry. In this period the company which started as a small development office has become one of the market-leading companies for workshop-management-solutions, especially in the German-speaking area, where WERBAS has around 6,500 independent work-shops, partners of work-shop concepts, and service stations as customers.


WSW Software GmbH specialises in consultation and development of configurable IT solutions for logistics processes in automotive, trade and retail, electronic, consumer goods and power plant. Holistic process knowledge and excellence in implementation guarantee an efficient and seamless implementation of logistics processes that meet the requirements of day to day business.
WSW is a leading solution provider for supply chain processes in the automotive sector. More than 100 companies worldwide trust WSW in areas ranging from EDI-integration, supply and invoicing processes to the exacting requirements of Just-In-Time and Just-In-Sequence processes.




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