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Large Companies



What does a large company gain by participating?
  • Improved connectivity without affecting current investments or changing current EDI infrastructure

  • auto-gration will extend the EDI network, enlarging the pool of potential SME customers and suppliers

  • auto-gration will provide the opportunity to develop new ebusiness processes (e.g. eInvoice) with a larger number of suppliers

  • Increased visibility, by becoming part of an initiative officially supported by the European Business Associations and the European Commission

  • Advance experience of the new auto-gration Architecture, thus being prepared for earlier improved business efficiency


 How can large companies participate?
  • By proposing their candidature for the Early Adopter Programme (EAP)

  • By participating in EAP where the first CAR prototypes will be tested under real-life conditions

  • By providing feedback on the prototype performance during the EAP, and on the auto-gration design overall

  • By supporting adoption of auto-gration post-project, including signing the auto-gration  Memorandum of Understanding to demonstrate their commitment

  • By deploying auto-gration for their EDI relationships with SMEs


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