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auto-gration Specification

One of the main deliverables of the auto-gration project will be a complete specification of the auto-gration Architecture, which will be made freely available, allowing any software developer and service provider to create their own implementations and/or add support services. The auto-gration specification includes three stacked layers covering different tasks, ranging from the highest-level (business scenarios) to the lowest-level (message transport). In addition, there is a security layer which underpins all three:

  • Business application: describes the auto-gration business processes that are managed by the trading partners’ applications, includes the description of the business scenarios and processes supported by the architecture

  • Middleware: defines the message exchange process, includes the specification of the messages and data exchanged in a transaction, and how these messages are transformed to/from other formats

  • Communication: describes how the messages are transported between partners, includes the specification of the messaging services, the connectivity principles, the technical requirements, and the identification process

    a-g Architecture 



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